I've been painting and drawing since I was a child. This is the earliest painting I still have around. When my dad opened his medical practice I painted this on scrap tongue in groove I found in the garage. I was 12 at the time and totally ripped off the images from the AMA journals he had laying around. 

In Health: A Man 16 x 17 oil on wood  copyright                    Rick Plummer 1959

The Hero  18 x24 oil on canvas copyright 1987 Rick Plummer

This painting of my father was done a few years after he died in 1981. I couldn't paint him for years, though I wanted to. He was a WW2 pilot and a physician and had a wonderful life force which I hope I hint at in this representation.

           Yellow Woodie     oil on canvas     48 x 48                                           copyright Rick Plummer 1985

Pobitty Pioneers  graphite on paper  22 x 17 copyright 1983 

Mike Lupski's Gift  oil on plywood  16 x 24                  copyright Rick Plummer 1987