My efforts are directed at seeing, feeling and revealing. Sounds simple but not so fast! Vision-ing, envisioning and  re-visioning are all complicated concepts. Often I envision a subject, then go and see it and put that vision into the crock pot. When I serve it up on canvas it's quite different and usually filled with reconstruction or synthesis errors. 

Images are not seen "en toto" by the eye but are sent into the retina and on to the brain for interpretation. In between the object viewed and the final synthesis are a multitude of developing visions, some half baked, some entirely wrong, but I find them all entirely interesting. Above is one example.

I frequently steal stuff from myself. I find interesting images in my paintings that can be developed into stand alone works. Here are a couple:

I can still see more potential paintings in these two works. Usually the ideas coming out of previous art moves toward a more abstract presentation. As I deconstruct a piece to extract an idea , the reconstruction can go weird on me.

The brain categorizes what it views into 4 basic elements: shapes, color, edges and texture. These are recognized in the mid-brain and sent to the cortex for  interpretation. That's where the story of what one is seeing is determined. The connections between the regions of the brain add emotional content to the subject and the image being viewed gradually becomes a completed story. Consequently, I pay a lot of attention to shapes, edges, texture and color in my work. I hope to leave enough to the imagination so that the audience can have a creative moment of their own deciding what they think is going on in the piece.