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I am trying to reveal what is between my perception and my imagination. But the conscious brain resists and I have to wait for a time when I’m “out of my senses.” This non-sensory state of awareness is where the abstraction occurs. Below one sees an imagined image of the photographed home. What comes out is a limp blow-up version not quite inflated. There are many ways of seeing, some, awaiting just a few more thrusts on the pump handle to have recognizable form. I call these Emerging Visions and are seen in the Florida Expressionism gallery.

I frequently find interesting images in my paintings that can be developed into stand-alone works. ”Tree Bird” arrived from the lower portion of “Bonita Beach Entry.”

Bonita Beach Entry Cropped.jpg
Tree Bird Resize2.jpg

Psychology interests me. The Brakes and Accelerators series came out of this curiosity and refers to my feeling that there are two types of people: those more controlled by their sympathetic nervous system, the Accelerators, and others more controlled by their parasympathetic nervous system, the Brakes. As I consider friends and family, I frequently find that couples are balanced with one being a Brake and the other an Accelerator. Maybe that’s why they were attracted to each other and hold together with a mutually advantageous, balanced, relationship. In these paintings the Accelerator is painted under the individual I think is the energizer and the Brake is under the controller.

Screen Shot 2022-07-26 at 9.49.41 AM.png

Most of my work is on Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) which is the stuff highway signs are made on. Therefore, these works are very good in outdoor settings, especially if not in direct sunlight. They are very lightweight and often can be hung using Command strips…pieces of Velcro with adhesive backing. The Gate Art, should hold up for years with no problem and art used on patios and pool decks will prove highly durable and long lived. 

Many of these are 3-dimensional wall sculptures expressing movement and energy. I think of them as Frozen Mobiles. My hope is to use color, basic geometric shapes and data control to render interesting surfaces in order to provoke laughter, puzzlement and, occasionally, wonder and delight.

I believe my job is to facilitate a conversation between the viewer and the art. I’m not here to interpret that but just to facilitate an exchange in the gap between life and creation. What if we all “opened up our heads” and heard more of what the objects around us are saying? If you’d like, I’ll pack one up and send it along and you can experience this for yourself!

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