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from: Musso and Frank's Grill


ThThese oil paintings and illustrations were commissioned for a book documenting the oldest restaurant in Hollywood, CA. The stars and producers loved Musso's partly because  the public was not allowed to take photos. Thus, after 100 years of celebrity there are few documented images of the "Famous" dining there. I was asked to compose images illustrating the mad antics with a modern hint of Peter Breugal the Elder and Hieronymus Bosch. Still popular with the stars, if you want to see the famous, call Musso's!


Musso Grill Room

oil on canvas 2017


Musso Main Dining Room

oil on canvas 2017

Chef Names.jpg
Writers Names.jpg

Chefs of Musso

oil on canvas 2017


The Writer's Room

oil on canvas 2017

Vignette Header Images

Pule & Rodriques.jpg
Heading 5
Mila Kunis.jpg
Rodriques and Pule
Mila Kunis
Keith Richards.jpg
Jonathan Winters.jpg
Jonathan Winters
Johnny Depp.jpg
Johnny Depp
Francis Ford Coppola.jpg
Famous Martini.jpg
Danny Trejo.jpg
Francis Ford Coppola
The Famous Martini
Danny Trejo
Bourdain Colorized.jpg
Anthony Bourdain
Bob Dylan.jpg
Bob Dylan
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